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Saturday, January 27, 2018

My Must-Read: Lily Collins - Unfiltered

When I first toyed around with the idea of starting my own blog I hesitated, because I had this idea of what I felt it was supposed to be (the perfectly curled hair, the thin girls smiling down at the food they are never eating and an endless collection of bright pink sunsets). 
However I realized that this couldn´t be further from the truth… only I decide what I blog about. It is my creative outlet and I have full creative control. “The Unicorn of Fashion” is only what I want it to be and today I want to share my must-read with you. When I read this utterly inspiring book it deeply affected me - So if you only read one book this year please make it this one!

Lily Collins – UNFILTERED

No Shame, No regrets, Just Me

Lily is the daughter of Phil Collins, I hope everyone is in the loop now? However she has made a name of her own and does not need that of her father in any way.
Years ago I began to admire her work as an actress and I surely also began to feel a growing affection towards her without even knowing her. What I never got to see were her struggles and admittedly I never thought to think twice and consider that she might have them… just like I do. We tend to idealize people in the public eye and with the help of the media many set them up for unattainable perfection, scrutinizing and criticizing their every moves. What we often forget is: they are just humans with emotions like everyone else. Probably because this is all we are supposed to see as Hollywood is a brutal business and surely this perfect idea of a person sells better!
We often forget that self-doubt and dark thoughts creep into anyone, because all of us are so good at hiding this particular side of ourselves. I know I am. However I appreciate the realness with which she opens up about taboo topics our society doesn´t, but should and needs to talk about.  

At 28 years old Lily is reflecting on the good as well as the bad in her outstanding  memoir which is a collection of impressive essays. I think we all understand what it’s like to live in the light and in the dark (whether we want to admit it or not). Collins shares her own deepest secrets as she sheds light on the beautiful side of life as well as its at times very dark one. With brutal, refreshing and much needed honesty she tackles topics that many young women struggle with such as body image and self-confidence issues or romantic relationships head on. She talks about her badass mum, the at times difficult relationship with her father (whether your dad is famous or not I promise you´ll identify), writes a letter to herself and so much more. “Unfiltered” is a wide spectrum of things for instance it is funny and hilarious, without ever being rude, but also heartbreaking and deeply emotional at times.

The fact alone that I am sharing this must-read with you is huge for me, as sharing my love for this book says so much about myself. If you decide to read it you will learn unbelievably much about me that not even those closest to me know, because I recognize parts of myself in about 80 % of the book. 
Through reading “Unfiltered” I found I identified a lot with Lily… and even ended up developing my very own healthy Quinoa cookie recipe as well (if you´ll read the book you´ll get this one!). But it is more than the fact that both us seem to prefer drinking our formerly hot tea cold. Especially whenever Lily wrote about  her self-confidence issues and her eating disorders it really struck a match with me as I finally felt understood and less alone, like someone got me ! The emotions she shares are raw and honest. It was just what I needed and I took away so much from reading “Unfiltered”. You could almost say it was therapeutic.

Lily learned that sometimes all it takes is one person to stand up and say something for everyone else to realize they’re not alone. And she is right! For me this person is her - I always thought that what I did and thought couldn´t or wouldn´t make any difference to anybody at all… but this book has changed my perspective. It has inspired me to speak out.  How will we know whether we can make a difference if we don´t even try to – giving up before you even started is the real defeat here in my opinion.
Therfore I want to incourage you all - It’s time to feel inspired and claim your voices and live life to the fullest!


(please beare with me as I slightly shortened some quotes in order to give you a little insight into the book and enable you to get them without having actually read it YET )

“The universe gives you nuggets of inspiration every once in a while, during our most trying times and if we’re open, and willing to see, they can prompt immense growth.” 

“I will never need anyone to complete me. I am enough on my own.” 

“You deserve happiness. You deserve to be loved just as you love others. You deserve everything.”

“Food should be your fuel. Not a punishment.”

“I was in control! I was skinny.”

“There is a greater happiness to be attained in this world: the happiness of enjoying myself to the fullest during the one life I have and accepting myself for who I am while I´m living it.”

“Don´t live a boring life if you can add a little silly into it every once in a while.”

“Be silly. It’s attractive. Normal is so boring.”

“Being delicate, dainty and sensitive doesn´t mean you´re not also strong and unbreakable. I can be everything. I am everything.”


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