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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

All Things Unicorn

I am a unicorn person !
I always have been and it feels like I always will be ... it is not just a child-like whim tho. I was into unicorns way before the whole hype started and I am fairly certain that my fascination won´t fade away with the hype. Further down below you can find a compilation of all my favourite unicorn stuff in case I got you hooked.
Where would be the fun in adulting if it meant leaving all your child-like whims behind ? I am an easily excitable person and I like that about myself - I believe wearing your heart on your sleve is a good and honest thing to do. So is trying to be unapologettically yourselves, having fun and living your life no matter what others think or say ! Personally I have adored Taylor Swift as a person and an artist for the last 10 years - many of her amazing quotes,poems and lyrics have become mantras of mine taht just like her music have changed my life to the better ! Here are two of my most cherished TS Quotes:

" You are not the opinion of someone who doesn´t know you !"  

 " It is not good for your happiness or your state of mind to care so much about what people who do not care about you think!"

Now I am not forcing you to like or love taylor the way I do, but I surely demand that you respect both her and my opinion !
I also hope that you can take as much away from the quotes for yourselves as i can <3.
Please always be true to yourselves, it is way more fun than changing yourselves in orders for others to like you  or trying to be cool - believe me I have been there.

Another thing that took me some time to figure out is you can´t just put me into one box and that this is absolutly okay, perfectly normal even. Figuring out who you are and who you want to become is one hell of a tricky question and an important one too.
I found it rather difficult to accept all my different sides as the bits and pieces that make me me. I thought if I was one thing it automatically meant I couldn´t be something else as well.  Realizing they´re perfectly compatible has not been an easy ride in the past. I kept thinking how can someone who is so interested in law books, economics and reading also be obsessed with all the cute animals, unicorns or pink, fluffy and glittery things the world has to offer ? Also how can I be so fashion obsessed even tho I settled onto a different career path ? How can i be independent and still depend on and need the love of those closest to me so much ( btw: I am a family person and still super close with my parents) ? The list goes on...
A quote that has been a game changer for me - in accepting all this and more as little parts of me and as normal - is one that I read in Lily Collins´ amazing book "Unfiltered" (read my blogpost about it here).

“Being delicate, dainty and sensitive doesn´t mean you´re not also strong and unbreakable. I can be everything. I am everything!”

Anyways I love unicorns - no matter what people say or think ! I will protect this child-like whim and live it proudly... it makes me happy by bringing joy, magic and glitter into my every day life !
So yeah I am the girl that has a unicorn named blog, owns all the unicorn stuff you could possibly imagine and has built enough of a unicorn reputation for herself to be gifted all the best unicorn inspired gifts you could imagine (even from my mom´s friends) ! You name it ... unicorn pool floats, mugs, socks, napkins, tissues, (amazing) cakes or twinkly lights... chances are i own it !

Always stay true to yourself ! If the people you surround yourself with do not appreciate you for being yourself they are not worth it - not an easy lesson to learn, but a very valuable one <3
Becaus people can be cruel and some poeple enjoy putting others down - but changing who you are won´t make them like you or be nicer to you and it certainly won´t make you happier !


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