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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Kenzo pullover, billabong jacket & bogner ski pants

 I know many people dislike winter. How cold it is, how dark... just everything about it ! It really does bring a lot of people down: we are running low on motivation, are tired and moody.
Still I like winter !!! When I think of it so many happy memories come to my mind. I think of warm fuzzy sweaters, freshly baked cookies, christmas or the rowdy snowball fights with my childhood best friend in the park. Given the fact that  this friend was a guy and almost felt like a brother to me... these fight could get pretty rough, but were always in good fun. We  had such fun together <3

So NO I do not hate winter, I like it ! I might not reallyenjoy the cold (at all) or waking up to a pitch-black sky in the morning, nevertheless I don´t mind it too much. There are just too many positive memories coming to my mind that I associate with winter to be bothered by those inconveniences. Also I personally don´t think that winter affects me or my mood negatively (or at least I like to pretend that). Though I get why winter in the city can kinda suck at times... with the pure powdery snow turning into a brown wet muddy something within seconds.

But you can always take look at the bright side and choose to enjoy it. Tackle winter fashionably and let it brighten your day (quite literally speaking). I for example splurged all my savings for this kenzo sweater and couldn´t be happier with my choice !
So look at the bright side and make a fashion-dream or two come true !!! <3

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