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Monday, March 26, 2018

Völkl Ski, Giro Ski googles, Billabong jacket and navy blue Bogner Ski Pants

I used to think skiing and looking fashionable at the same time was impossible ! I didn´t really mind it though... I was so used to not really loving my skiing outfits that I had become kind of indifferent to my looks whenever I hit the slopes.
But no more - first I found these dropdead gorgeous Bogner ski pants with their amazing snug fit. Next were the cool Billabong jacket and my favourite scarf that I purchased in beautiful france. And last but not least I finally found my perfect pink GIRO skiing googles after trying nearly a million different ones on. And of course I settled for an all pink monochromatic one... one that no one else seems to be rocking, which makes me even happier about my choice ! Add a statement turtleneck or pullover and you are good to go.

So yeah skiing in fashion is definetly possible even though it might take some time to assemble all the pieces for the perfect outfit. Looks might not matter too much when you are skiing, but for me feeling content with my outfit made the whole experience more worthwhile and exciting !!!

Also be aware that if you ever see a pink flash passing you by on the slopes at least according to my family it is probably me ! With my superfast Völkl racing skis nothing is more fun than racing down the slopes at a good speed ( safety first though ) <3

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