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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Sandals, Flowerpetal Hotpants & Bohemian Blouse - Festival fashion Guide

With Coachella just around the corner and the upcoming festival season I decided to post a summery throwback look alongside some festival fashion and survival tips !

While I personally have not yet been to Coachella ( someone take me please ? ) I love festivals and went to Lollapalloza Berlin last year.
I adored it - embracing the music, finally being able to wear all the glitter in the world without being judged and taking a dive into the bold bohemian and fun festival fashion world ? I mean isn´t this a dream come true !? A whole weekend of feeling free and being whoever you want to be!
I had so much fun with my friends as we danced day and night away to the tunes of some of the best musical artists ever <3

I will never ever forget the epic experience of being pretty much front and center as the `Foo Fighters` performed - the wildest and best crowd I´ve ever been in! It was insane ... rocking on for 2 hours straight even though we had already been raving at Lolla for more than 10 hours so tell me about exhaustion and bleeding feet... still we were super energized! I loved every second of it... pure excitement and one hell of an adrenaline rush <3
We also saw `The XX`, Ann-Marie, `Mumford and Sons`, `George Ezra`, `Materia`, `Beatsteaks`, Ànnenmaykanterei`and many more <3 they all were amazing!

1. Stay hydrated and make sure to hoard food and always have something to eat in your bag ( ALWAYS! )
2. Avoid queuing... use acts you aren´t too interested in to use the restroom, get food, water,...!
3. Bring ear plugs, band aids, hand sanitizer,blistering plasters, pain killers and some extra glitter
4. Wear comfortable shoes ( my feet were hurting for ages after that weekend )
5. Have fun, be free, wild and unbothered and enjoy the experience <3
6. Wear what makes you feel good and something that allows you to move freely

1. fringes, feathers, leather and suede are your friends
2. anything boho or hippieish goes
3. embrace glitter, braids and bold makeup looks
4. wear skin jewelery / tatoos and lots of real jewelery
5. style white and earthy tones alongside some pops of colour
6. choose one statement piece
7. wear comfortable booties
8. bring shades
9. flowy flower prints
10. bring a small cross-body bag or belt bag
11. long or short vests to complete the look
12. and last but not least: Always stay true to your style !!!

More fashion inspiration waits below <3 Have fun guys !

Some outfit ideas:

bags, hats, make-up & jewelery I love:


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