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Monday, June 4, 2018

Review: Dr. Severin Aequoreus Enzyme Sea Salt Peeling & Blackhead Remover Peel-Off-Mask*

There is nothing as important as feeling comfortable in your own skin. But sadly it has become increasingly difficult for everyone, but especially for young people to feel good about themselves. Instead we often feel torn apart by the ridiculous beauty standards of our superficial society. Around every corner there is someone telling you eat this, do that, work out a certain way and not any onther way. Apparently there are countless conflicting ways that lead to utter happiness, beauty and perfection - of course every one of them is the only way. From personal experience I know that it is very difficult not to get lost in this jungle or go down the road of feeling imperfect when scrolling though the perfectly arranged social media account of people with seemingly perfect lives and bodies. 
To avoid this I realized that it is extremely important to take good care of yourself and your body in order to feel your best. This way it becomes so much easier to feel good about what you have and learn to rock your own definition of worth-while, exciting and beautiful. I personally know that this sometimes is way more easily said than done though. Key in not only those trying times, but always is to have the right products on your hands  to help stand your grounds and feel good about what you´ve got. 

Therefore I was extremely thrilled that I got the chance to test out these amazing Dr. Severin products of my choice. Dr. Severin is a german brand that is known for its very high quality. As I happen to have very delicate skin this is perfect for me. On top of that my skin is quite flawed so testing the Aequoreus Enzyme Sea Salt Peeling as well as the Blackhead Remover Peel-Off-Mask was a no brainer for me.

About the Brand
Dr. Severin developes and produces in Germany with all natural ingredients. All of their products are vegan and free of parabens, aluminium and alcohol. They produce high quality, strictly tested and customer proven skin care products for both women and men.  Their products include among others many after-shave products that are perfect to keep delicate skin from getting stressed by shaving.

As an animal lover I am also very pleased to inform you that Dr. Severin works its laboratory tests without any animal testing. Furthermore they work hard to preserve the environment and reduce unnecessary pollution by engaging in a number of different projects.
That way you can use the products that make you feel good and all in good concience.
Aequoreus Enzyme Sea Salt Peeling
Alright let´s dive into it - the Dr. Severin Aequoreus Enzyme Sea Salt Peeling is a cleansing and cooling body peeling. By combining sea salt and papaya enzymes it makes it your best friend after shaving to prevent common annoying side-effects such as ingrown hairs. The fine sea salt crystals from the Dead Sea gently cleanse your skin while at the same time the papaya enzymes stimulate and speed up your skins recovery. 
I personally use the peeling not only after and before shaving, but regularly. It makes my legs super smooth and also helps with the slight discolorations on my legs from old shaving scars. On top of that I love the moisturizing finish it leaves behind - making the skin feel healthy, renewed and revitalized.
Unlike most other peelings this one isn´t fluid instead it has a more grainy consistency. At first I thought this to be unusual and weird as it makes the application a little more difficult. I tended to loose half of the product on the way to my leg in the beginning. Good news is I got the hang of it quickly and have grown to really like the consistency as it makes for a more efficient feel and rubs in niecly! 
On top of all this the peeling comes with a  rather strong, but nice tropical smell. The summery note  becomes less intense once you have used the product. Still it leaves a very nice faint smell behind that lifts your spirits throughout the day. 

Blackhead Remover Peel-Off-Mask
The Peel-Off Mask empowered with activated charcoal is ideal to give even gentle skin a nice deep cleansing. The mask consists out of a combination of dead sea mud and activated charcoal, it also features a subtle summery fragrance for a real feel-good experience. 

Personally I was a bit scared of actually testing this one even though I had personally picked it. My only exprience with peel-off masks so far were viral internt videos during which people screamed in agony as they accidentally pulled half their eyebrows off as they removed selfmade charcoal masks. Luckily it wasn´t like that at all  ( you might have been able to guess this one on your own ) and I was more than pleasantly surprised -  that I can assure you! 
Both the application (even though I made a bit of a mess in the bathroom) and the removal were very easy and super pleasant. The smooth texture guarantees a simple application. And removing the mask  is not painful at all as it only requires subtle and slight pulling.
A hopefully helpfull sidenote for everyone struggeling with blemishes:  Activated charcoal is one of the best ingredients to get rid of your blemishes. If your main goal is to archive an overall good feeling about your skin - this is for you. 

Moving on with my face mask experience: I really loved how effective the treatment felt throughout the whole process.  After using the product my facial skin looked glowing, fresh and radiant as by using the mask my skin was succesfully ridened of old skin, small hairs and any kinds of dirt left on my face. My face really did feel noticeably better and my complexion improved right away. Sadly  the mask did not remove as many blackheads as i had anticipated it to. Therefore I would not recommend it to you if your main goal is pulling blackheads out. Still I do recommend it to improve the overall well-being of your facial skin. It was effective and left my face behind looking super fresh faced.
I do sincerely recommend both products.

* Sponsored PR-Samples //the Review displays my honest opinion after thorough testing

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